Coil Tubing Services

State-of-the-art coiled tubing units’ sizes 1.5” to 2 7/8” for shallow and deep wells onshore / offshore.

Service Summary

Superior provides a full range of coiled tubing services – from a simple sand wash to a high pressure well operation.
Superior has achieved a number of records for depth, pressure, accuracy and has handled some of the most complex operations under the most demanding downhole conditions

Equipments Specifications

Superior Coiled Tubing units are self-contained, can be easily transported to On-shore or Off-shore. All units can be used in prolific High Pressure and High Temperature deep wells, sour environment and are very effective in vertical / long horizontal / highly deviated wells.

Coiled Tubing Modeling Software

Superior engineers are equipped with state of the art software to provide comprehensive technical support for coiled tubing operations where jobs are designed to optimize the performance of CT string or to design the most appropriate string for a given job using the following models:
  • CT forces and buckling
  • CT operating limits
  • CT hydraulic performance
  • CT fatigue management


  • Unloading fluids with N2, foam, light fluids
  • Artificial lift
  • Fill Clean out of debri / sand
  • Spotting cement plugs and/or cement squeeze
  • Spotting Acid exactly where it is needed
  • Well control / killing
  • Using down hole motors to drill scale, cement or fill
  • Spotting or jetting solvents for paraffin, asphaltene or scale removal
  • Running down hole tools. e.g. Inflatable packers and bridges
  • Plugs
  • Fishing and milling with coiled tubing
  • Siphon strings / Production tubing
  • Under reaming / milling and tubing cutters
  • Coiled tubing E-line logging
  • Extended reach technology
  • Drilling Contingencies