Cementing Services

Cementing units provide field proven dependability and slurry quality onshore / offshore

Service Summary

Superior cementing units provide field proven dependability and high job quality. Designed for a wide range of slurry densities and formulations, Superior’s cement pumping units and batch mixers provide flexibility and precision control to handle a variety of cementing services.

Equipments Specifications

Twin cement pumper, with dual diesel engines Allison transmissions and triplex pumps. Pumpers are equipped with 41/2 fluid ends and state of the art Automatic Density Control mixing system. Its basic operating principle is as follows: The cement flow rate is controlled and adjusted via automatically controlled valve by the computer. The slurry densitometer detects the actual density and feeds the measured value back to the computer.
A water flow meter mounted on the mixing system measures the water flow rate and sends the measured value to the computer. With the water rate and the desired density, slurry design and measured density, the computer calculates the required cement value position. A command signal is sent to the hydraulic actuating system to adjust the opening of the bulk cement-metering valve and thus controls the slurry density to the set range. The system displays and records the slurry density, discharge rate, total volume, and pressure and bulk deliverability.

Cementing Software

  • Cem tool
Assists engineers in calculations of volumes, pressure, material required for cementing operations. This eliminates time-consuming tasks and error’s in performing the calculations and raises the quality of work.
  • Cementing model
Superior engineers will perform quickly the design of cement jobs using the advanced engineering features and animated flow visualization of the software to accurately model the cement placement by addressing the U-tubing phenomena, dynamic pressures, equivalent circulating densities (ECD’s) and formation breakdown pressures.